To Find Out What We're Running From

Words and Music - Eric Kampman

Appears on Know Reason

Isn’t it hard to touch the truth
Painting a picture done our way
The children play
Trying so hard not to be uncouth
Pushing our pride onto what we say
The children pay

Cutting our throats so we can breathe
Wearing our hearts out on our sleeve
The grownups stay
Thinning the blood that makes us seethe
Thicker than H20 I C
The grownups leave

If only I could look at you
And see myself
I know we could work it out
But here I am - I’m looking out
I see the space
It's easy filling it with doubt

Each of us weak, we feel the squeeze
Bringing us slowly to our knees
And so we pray
Time to create and destroy

Seeing the horse wheeled into Troy
Each of us prey

Gotta reach into the void and find out where we’re coming from
Gotta reach out across the void and find out what we’re running from

Copyright © 1988 Yoronkels Records