The Well

Words and Music by Eric Kampman

Only performed one time in Santa Cruz, CA


Come to the commons, everyone 
And drink your fill from the well 
Water clear, not sour nor sweet 
In the center all things meet 
Even heaven, even hell 

While we wait here in line, 
To understand the divine 
Trapped in mind's vanity 

The rope they used for hanging 
Is now tied to a wooden pail 
Many bodies were cut free, in the final liberty 
Hear the tolling of the bell 

Soft lies and hard honesty 
Somehow look the same to me 
One caged bird and one flying free 

In truth it's not your truth 
In time it's not your steps that lead you here 
Hear the calling of the moon 
Feel you breaking the cocoon 
First you're far and then you're near 

Look for the thing you can't find 
Seeing with eyes makes you blind 
You know you're out of your mind


Copyright © 1992 Big Balloon Music